You Know You’re In Korea When….

(This list is a compilation of ideas from my fellow native English teachers)

You know You’re In Korea When:

1.) no matter what meal you can always count on kimchi to be there and  you start to crave kimchi or kimchi chigae if you go a day without it

2.) you forget how to use a fork

3.) scissors become an eating utensil

4.) you brush your teeth 5 times a day

5.) you have to dodge motorbikes and cars while walking on the sidewalk

6.) cars stop at green lights and go at red lights

7.) more men than women carry purses

8.) you leave for work in the morning and people are coming home drunk from a night out

9.) you carry toilet paper in your purse

10.) you can’t find any trash bins

11.) rock, paper, scissors becomes a drinking game

12.) words like “so-so” and “take a rest time”  become a part of your vocabulary

13.) you bow to everyone including non-Koreans

14.)  you become an expert squatter when going to the bathroom

15.) your toilet and toilet paper are soaking wet after taking a shower

16.) saying “네” to your friends makes a lot more sense than saying “yes”

17.) Peanut butter costs $10 a jar

18.) you are eating chicken wings with chopsticks

19.) windows and doors are left wide open in the winter

20.) on the streets you see and hear people loudly hocking up loogies

21.) cash will by lying unclaimed on the ground but no one will pick it up

22.) sugar is the same as salt

23.) a small face and a big nose is a good thing

24.) guys put more effort to their hair and makeup than girls

25.) the skirts are so short that you can see the girls’ buttcheeks but a hint of cleavage is unacceptable

26.) the pedestrian does not have the right away

27.) garlic bread is sweet

28.) grown-up businessmen will be passed out in the street on a week night

29.) people are walking around with umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun

30.) you’ve eaten cake and ice cream with chopsticks

31.) you wear slippers at work

32.) a pack of cigarettes costs $2

33.) going out to eat costs less than cooking at home

34.) a foreign meal such as steak at Outback Steakhouse will cost you a fortune

35.) you start to believe in “fan death”

36.) you prefer sleeping on the floor rather than on a bed

37.) you drink your corona with a lemon because there are no limes to be found

38.) tangueray is the same thing as whiskey


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