Zombie Walk 2011

Without a doubt, hands down, this Halloween was the best ever.  What’s more fun than getting candy on Halloween as a kid?  Parading through the streets dressed a zombies  with a massive group of foreigners in a country where Halloween isn’t celebrated.  Giving Koreans a little entertainment by doing a zombie walk through Seoul was the highlight of my weekend.  This was the 2nd annual zombie walk in Seoul planned by one of my good friends.  Last year I was sick and out of commission so this year I was totally ready to get zombified.  I used a tutu-like skirt,a couple pair of legwarmers, my ballet shoes, and zombified them up to become ballerina zombie (think demented Black Swan).  Obviously not wanting to ride on the subway as a zombie all alone, I met up with the group at a park where we all got together and helped with makeup.  With a little liquid latex, white makeup, fake blood, and dark makeup around the eyes we were all set to go.   There was Superman zombie, Pikachu zombie, giraffe zombie, ajumma zombie, and Harry Potter zombie (just to name a few).  Our journey started on the streets of Seoul and not even five minutes into the walk we freaked out a guy so badly that he jumped off his bike while riding it and ran through the streets.  I honestly felt really bad for the guy even though if we had a video of it, it would have received a million youtube hits.


Harry Potter Zombie

Superman and EPIK Teacher Zombies

After traumatizing at least one Korean pretty badly we made our way for the subway.  We let a few trains pass through by simply pressing up against the glass doors of the subway and scaring the people walking off.  After a couple trains passed we lined ourselves up so that a few people could enter each and every car of the entire subway train.  The reactions were brilliant.  Most Koreans laughed and played along while taking pictures and videos while others didn’t even seem to notice.  Some were actually pretty pissed off and we had to get off the train and switch trains at one point.  After packing ourselves onto another subway for about 30 minutes we got off at one of the hot spots in Seoul, Hongdae.  In this area many bars and clubs were having Halloween promotions and we weren’t the only people dressed in costume anymore.  It was fun to walk through the streets like a zombie, but also exhausting.  I felt like a celebrity after stopping to pose for a picture with dozens of people.  We ended up at a bar that welcomed any people dressed up as zombies with 2 free drinks and I was able to see many of my friends and even one of my friends’ bands played for a while.  It ended up being one of the best nights of my life.  Who knew dressing as a zombie could be so much fun?

Invading the Subway

Ajumma Zombie

Giraffe Zombie

Zombie Shopping

Hongdae on Halloween

Random Halloween Street Shop