The War Memorial of Korea

If you ever plan on traveling to Korea, The War Memorial of Korea museum is a must-see.  It includes three floors with six huge exhibition rooms that cover everything from artifacts from prehistoric Korean military to videos and information about present day tensions with North Korea.  The museum is overwhelming at first glance and it is impossible to see everything in one day.  The few hours that I spent there definitely didn’t do it justice but being that there is no entry fee I will plan on going back again.  I am not a history buff by any means, but I really enjoyed the material on the more recent history from the Korean War to present day.  The museum exhibitions really opened my eyes to how rich and deep-rooted the history of the Korean culture truly is. It is amazing that such a small peninsula has such a history of foreign aggressions, colonizations and warfare.  The Korean people have fought so hard to keep this land as their own and their patriotism and militaristic spirit is reflected in their character.  If you are interested in going there you can take line # 1 to Namyeong station exit 1 and walk about 10 minutes until you see the Yongsan military base on your left.  The museum is right next t the base.  You can also take line # 4 or # 6 to Samgakji station exit 12 and walk for about 2 minutes.  You will see the museum on your left.  It’s definitely something you can’t miss while in Seoul.

Clock Tower created in 2002 to represent War and Peace