A Little Fun with Art to Beat the Rainy Day Blues

Last Wednesday Seoul experienced one of its largest single days of rainfall in history and the rain has not given us much of a break since then or at all this past month to say the least. There was nothing that could prepare me for this kind of rainy season.  If you search for pictures of Seoul’s crazy weather this season you can see what I’m talking about, but thankfully what you will see isn’t in my neighborhood, but surprisingly only less than a 30 minute subway ride away.  The rainfall has created floods that reach the tops of buses and create waves in the middle of streets here. So when the rainy weather gets you down in Seoul it’s time to put on your cute rainboots and rock that umbrella and find interesting things to do to keep you out of your apartment.  It makes a lot of sense now why Seoul has the cutest selection of rain boots and umbrellas.

Today was another rainy day and I decided to go to an art museum.  This, however, is no ordinary art museum.  It’s called the Trick Eye Museum and all of the paintings in the museum use a 3-D art technique that plays with classic masterpieces and makes you feel like they are popping right out of the wall.  All of the pieces are interactive and super fun to strike a pose with.  You can get to this museum by going to Hongik University Station exit # 9. Walk straight and turn left at your second intersection.  At Starbucks cross the street and you can find it down one of the side streets. Here are some fun pictures from the day!

Feeling a Little Small

Feeling Really Tall

Waiting for Cupid

Feeling the Burn