Korea from Coast to Coast

I’ve just about hit my 10 month mark of living in Korea and I can say I have traveled to many key points around the perimeter of the peninsula.  I have see the east and west coasts as well as the furthermost northern and southern points. This weekend I traveled to the East Sea (The Sea of Japan) and spent some time near the 3rd largest mountain in Korea, Soraksan.  Unfortunately, the weather did not hold up and I couldn’t do too much sightseeing.  It rained all day Saturday and the fog was so thick that you couldn’t even see the mountains. But luckily the drive there and back to Seoul was very picturesque.  Next time I hope to do some hiking.  With all the mountains surrounding me I am gearing up for some outdoorsy activities this spring.

Usan Rock

East Sea

Rocky Coastline of Korea

설악산 (Soraksan)