One day in Singapore

My Malaysian adventure ended with a day trip to Singapore.  And by day trip I literally mean that it took us an entire day to get from Langkawi Island to Singapore. Instead of forking over a couple hundred on a direct flight from Langkawi to Singapore, we decided to save a hundred dollars by taking a ferry and a 9 hour bus ride to Kuala Lumpur where we took a 45 minute flight to Singapore.  Worth it?  Not really.  Instead of having one day of pure traveling and one day to play in Singapore, we could have had 2 days in Singapore. Although Singapore is small, it’s a great city, and I would recommend at least 2 days.  Here’s what you can do with 24 hours in Singapore. I’m getting lazy about writing, and no one wants to read anyways, so just enjoy looking through the pictures.

Chinatown, Singapore

The Merlion at Santosa Island (half-fish/half-lion icon of Singapore)

Flower Exhibition at Santosa Island

Teapot (I like how I captured a cute old couple holding hands in the center)

Butterfly Park (Not worth the $12 to get in unless you're really into insects)

Yes! I Made it!

Bugis Street Market

Love the fresh fruit and fruit juices here!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Awesome view from the top of a luxury hotel we snuck into 😉 If you look carefully you can see the infinity pool on the edge of the hotel


Hotel from the bottom


My "capsule" style bed at the Matchbox Concept Hostel. Each bunk looked like a capsule. Very interesting and modern feel!

Relaxing in luxury bean bag chairs in the common room at Matchbox Hostel