Ballet with a Korean Flair

On Friday night I went to see the Korean ballet, “Prince Hodong,” performed by the Korean National Ballet.  I went not knowing what to expect but eager to see a ballet I had never seen before.  The ballet tells the story of an ancient Korean love story between Prince Hodong and Princess Nangnang. The theme is similar to Romeo and Juliet.  The prince and princess’s love prevails through a war.  The princess is killed for choosing love over her country and in the end the prince kills himself to be with her.  It’s a beautiful but very tragic story.  The dancing was amazing.  The taekwando and Korean drum routines that were incorporated into the ballet were fabulous.  It’s a ballet that most likely cannot be seen anywhere else.  The female dancers represented the beautiful and pure essence of Korean women and the male  dancers were warriors who represented Korean strength and pride.  The ballet incorporated a lot of modern technique and stylistic Korean movement, which was unique.  During one of the duets I felt myself tearing up because I was totally caught up in the relationship between the prince and princess.  I had no idea why I felt emotional, except for the fact that it was just so beautiful.  All around me I heard sniffles and saw the audience dabbing their eyes, and I realized I wasn’t the only one.  Phew! Wish I could have taken some pictures to capture some of the beautiful moments on stage.  It’s definitely worth a search online.  This ballet was a universal love story that I would recommend to anyone.