Day 2 in KL

Entrance to Batu Caves

After a good night’s sleep in a nice air conditioned room, a comfortable bed, and towels for blankets (don’t ask), Meghan and I were ready to start our day in Kuala Lumpur. We only had one day in the city before heading off the the island of Langkawi so we wanted to make good use out of our day. We chose to spend most of our day at the Batu Caves. The Batu Caves are limestone caves that are also a sacred place for Hindus.  The caves have many shrines with Hindu statues and people come to worship the statues in these caves everyday. The tallest cave is called the Cathedral cave.  To get to these caves you have to walk up almost 300 stairs.  At the bottom of these stairs is an enormous golden Hindu statue.

Walking up to the Batu Caves

View from the Top


Stairs leading to the Cathedral Cave


On your way to the top there are many wild monkeys who seem to be very skilled at getting food from the tourists.  Thankfully they did not attack or climb on people, but I was still a little freaked out by them.

The Monkeys Owned the Place

Aside from the main cave, there is also a series of dark caves and you can do a guided tour inside them.

View from the Inside Looking Out

These caves are filled with bats at the tops of the ceiling, along with a very rare species of spider, poisonous centipedes, and snakes. During the tour everyone gets a flashlight, but it is important not to aim the flashlight anywhere near the bats. The tour was interesting, but the most exciting part was when we were in the middle of the cave and the tour guide made everyone turn off their flashlights and cameras to experience total cave darkness for five minutes. It was really creepy to imagine yourself being stuck inside a dark cave since the human eye can never adjust to that kind of darkness.

After the caves we grabbed some authentic Indian food for lunch and headed back to the center of the city to check out the famous Patronas twin towers, which are the tallest twin buildings ever built.  We didn’t get to go into the towers because you have to wake up really early and get tickets if you want to get in, but we took some nice pictures from the outside in a park.

After napping for a bit we made our way back to Central Market for one last shopping trip and had some Thai food for dinner. We went to a chill reggae bar for some drinks near our hostel before heading to bed under our extra large blanket/ towels.

The next morning we would have an early flight out of KL to the island of Langkawi.