On An Island in The Sun

The trip from Kuala Lumpur to the main island of Langkawi went much more smoothly than the previous trip.  We flew Malaysia air and the flight took a little less than an hour.  We were actually able to fly out of the real KL airport this time and not LCCT.  When I arrived in Langkawi I knew that it was the place where the real vacation would really begin.

Langkawi is actually a series of almost 100 islands off the northwestern part of Malaysia.  With three days on the island we were able to see several beaches, hike through a rainforest, take a breathtaking cable car ride, canoe off the northern coast, and swim in natural pools from a waterfall.  Langkawi was definitely the highlight of my trip to Malaysia.  Enjoy the pictures even though they really don’t do it justice.

View From Our Hotel (Not bad for $30 a night)

Beringin Beach (Southeast part of island)

Cenang Beach (Southwestern part of island and most popular beach)

My Sarong Matches the Palm Trees hehe

Pools from Seven Wells Waterfalls

Rock sliding

Longest Single Rope Cable Car

Sunset from the Top of Gunung Mat Chincang Mountain

Sky Bridge

Tanjung Rhu Beach (Northeastern part of the island) FYI the land formation in the background is Thailand~

mmm Coconut

Sunset at Tanjung Rhu

Another jumping picture for my collection ^^