Snapshots of Beijing

Summer Palace

View from Above

Forbidden City

Panda @ Beijing Zoo

Garden in Forbidden City

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square

Perimeter of Forbidden City

Birds' Eye View of the Forbidden City

Chinese Dumplings and Tea


6 responses

  1. love the photos, but the tea pot in the last photo was beautiful.

    All your adventures and memories from your photos will remind you of where your travels have taken you . And Thank you for the stories and sharing
    Love Mom

    • Great photography. Wish I could have been there to keep you company. I hope those were your dumplings that looked so good.

      Aunt Diane

      • Thanks! Some company would have been nice. Yes, those were my dumplings (eggplant and pork). It was at a hole-in-the wall place that is highly recommended. Actually my last meal in Beijing before heading to the airport 🙂

    • Thanks Mary Ann! Thankfully the touristy spots were beautiful and quiet since I went in the winter. However, the rest of Beijing was not so beautiful and quiet. hehe Subways and main roads were anything but lovely 🙂 It was a great experience though!

  2. I have never been to Beijing but one can tell from the pictures that it is a beautiful place that has some breath taking scenery. I would certainly consider visiting Beijing now that i have had a sneak peak of what the place looks like.

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