A Night at the Ballet

Thursday night I decided to take myself on a little date to the ballet.  So far I have seen quite a few ballets here in Seoul and I wanted to add “Romeo & Juliet” to my list.  Thursday night was the opening performance of Korean National Ballet’s “Romeo et Juiette.”  If you could tell by the title, this wasn’t the average classical ballet, but rather a French choreographer named Jean-Christophe Maillot’s post-classical modern version of the ballet.

When the curtain rose up on the opening scene I was a little jarred to see that the classical Shakespearean sets and costumes that I expected to see were replaced by a clean, white set design and costumes that could have been easily placed in any era.  The classical music was still the same, but the choreography and even the characters were portrayed very abstractly.  By the end of the first act I was used to the modern take on the classical ballet and I grew to enjoy it.  What was the most interesting part of this ballet is that even though the quintessential elements of Romeo and Juliet such as the balcony set and the weapons and potions used to commit the suicides were missing, the story line could still be understood.  The simplicity of the set and the lack of fancy props made the audience focus on the beauty of the dancers and the story that they were telling through their abstract movements.


3 responses

  1. glad you had time to enjoy the different point of view …. in a contemporary modern version, of ballet. I miss attending the ballet with you and hope when you return, someday we can enjoy another ballet or two together nearby or far away together …..MOM

  2. well jenny, that is the way things are, they replace the old with the new
    in real life. as long as you enjoyed being there and seeing all this going
    on it gives you a different prespective. i would prefer the old.
    take care. how is school going for you? are you still teaching the same
    ones that you had last year or do they go into another class.
    talk to you later, catching up on being away. frost on the car this am.

  3. Joan,

    Hi! Thanks for all of your comments on my posts. Yes, I am still teaching the same students. I am at the same school as last year. The end of the school year is approaching as their school year here runs March through December. My 6th graders will be graduating soon. I will miss them since I have gotten very close to them and have had them as students since they were in 5th grade. I will be getting some vacation time in January and February so hopefully will be planning a trip soon. The weather has been nice here but this week the temperatures are starting to drop. Hope you are enjoying the fall season while it lasts!

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