Summertime and the Livin’s Easy

This weekend I went on a day trip out of Seoul to do some rafting and ziplining. I woke up bright and early to meet my friends and took a 2 hour bus ride out of Seoul to Inje in Gangwando province.  Basically I went from the city with the highest population to the province with literally the lowest population density in Korea.  It was definitely a nice change of pace.  Instead of being surrounded by concrete, I was surrounded by huge mountains and valleys and flowing rivers.  The unfamiliar smells of nature were a refreshing change from the harsh odors of the big city.  We lucked out big time on the weather.  After two weeks of non-stop rain we ended up having a bright and sunny Saturday. The rain made the river perfect for rafting but it was freezing! Having lived in CT I am used to cold water, but this was colder than anything I have felt before.  Unfortunately, my Floridian friend was not too thrilled about being in such cold water.

Gearing Up

The rafting was fairly low level.  There were a few big rapids but nothing dangerous.  We made the most  fun out of it by  tipping the raft from side to side and getting into splash fights with other rafters.

The three friends I went with decided to go bungee jumping.  I was there for moral support and taking video.  Watching my friends bungee gave me enough thrill for the day.  I was content with the ziplining.  The highest zipline was about 50 m high and it stretched alongside the river.  That was thrilling enough for me.  I’ll save the bungee jump experience for another time 😉

Highest Bungee Jump in Korea (Inje, Gangwando)


No turning back now....


2 responses

  1. Hi Jenny, so nice to hear from you. Happy 4th of July from America. Lots going
    on in Boston of course with the Pops Celebration. Parades in all the small towns.
    Hot today going to the pool where I live with Janet she is coming over for the sun.
    Glad also that you did not bundgee jump. Rafting looked exciting enough. What
    a dare devil you are. Lying on GHB I would never expected it. You always looked
    so calm and rested. Happy to see you are enjoying all the pleasure and activities
    you can. Talk to you later. Joan and Janet, Alicia, Sariah, and Matthew.

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