Do You Remember Where You Were?

Can you remember where you were when you first heard of the events that happened on September 11, 2001?  I was sitting in Religion class in my sophomore year at Mercy High School in Middletown, CT.  It’s extremely surreal to find myself in Seoul, Korea, hearing about the death of Osama Bin Laden ten years later.  This time upon hearing the events of Osama Bin Laden’s death, I was sitting at my desk as a teacher. Even stranger for me is that I first heard of the news on none other than Facebook, a social networking site that did not even exist ten years ago.  Within minutes of the breaking news story, I noticed at least fifty posts on Facebook that linked me to the top videos and news stories broadcasting across the nation. My first thoughts and feelings were similar to my reactions on September 11th, disbelief, confusion and uncertainty.  As I watched Obama’s speech I felt relief for the people all over the world who lost friends and families in the terrorist attack. Nothing will ever be able to heal the damage done in their hearts, but they can finally find some condolence in the fact that the mass murderer of their loved ones is dead.  I watched the videos of everyone in the USA celebrating this victory and was happy to see the open display of pride we have for our country.  Today is a day that will be remembered forever in history books.  This is the first time a US president ordered the killing of a man in the name of terrorism. I am proud of my country and I think we should celebrate, but I am also left with many questions. My own morals leave me confused.  When is murder justified?  In my opinion, murder does not solve any problems; it creates more problems.  Has killing Osama really done the nation “justice” as Obama has stated many times?  Do you celebrate the killing of someone else even when it seems justified?  How exactly do you celebrate an event like this? What repercussions will our country face from this action? I think there is a lot more to think about before running around the streets waving our flags around.  We may have won a huge battle in terrorism, but I think we are very far from winning the war. At this point I am very curious to hear more details about this operation. I would love to hear other people’s initial reactions to today’s events.


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  1. I was shocked when the news broke at 10:30pm last night as I was watching TV, at first I was wondering if it was true, but then listening and watching, made the news real ….. but as I sat I was thinking …. will this bring peace to the world or what next? so today more facts will unravel and I am glad that this madman has been ended but I am not sure if his followers and country will feel the same and end this madman’s belief’s …..

  2. I was sitting on my sofa in the living room enjoying the Today show, not believing what I was seeing, in total shock, at what this creep had done
    to the Americans.

    My feelings for this creep, was that he had no heart and that he caused his
    own delima. He did not think about all the American lives and families he destroyed. He deserves everything he got. At the end, he still had the gun
    to hurt people. He deserved what he got, who knows what lies ahead for anyone these days. Hopefully peace for the world. It is what we all need.
    God knows what is in store. Yeah for Obama.

  3. Well written, Jen. I remember I was in French class 10 years ago when the Twin Towers news broke. My charge nurse told me about Bin Laden’s death last night at work while I was giving report on a patient dying of cancer. I immediately told the other nurse on the phone and went over to tell the patient the news hoping it would make him smile. I think this is great for the patriotism of the nation, but I also asked myself those same morality questions (I think Mercy religion class really got to us ;)). I don’t think killing this one man will ever make up for the thousands of people he killed. There will always be terrorism in the world, but at least this 1 terrible guy can’t influence or kill people anymore.

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