My Transformation into a Korean Queen

Queen of Korea for an Hour

During my time in Korea I have learned to appreciate many aspects of the culture, but I also have learned to be thankful for the fact that I am not Korean.  I have learned that it takes a lot of effort and patience to be Korean.  For the past month I have been taking a Korean cultural class with a focus on the traditions of the ancient Joseon Dynasty.  During this time I have made traditional Korean Eobo soap, calligraphy, and food, I have participated in a traditional tea ceremony, and most recently, I have had the honor of becoming a Korean queen.  Every experience has taught me that being traditionally Korean is hard work.  Koreans focus on the process when doing things so that the product is perfection.

Traditional Eobo Soap


Traditional Tea Ceremony

Cooking Korean Food

This evening I was unwillingly selected to be the “Queen” of the class for the evening.  After what I first felt was an unlucky win at “rock, paper, scissors” I was selected out of the entire class to wear the traditional garments of a Korean queen.  Later I felt grateful for having the once in a lifetime chance to wear the special garments.

Step # 1 of my Transformation

Layer # 2

Layer # 3

And Layer # 4....

Wait...there's more?

My audience

Drumroll.....time for the outwear

Time for the King's Turn

And for the cherry on top- a 10 lb. crown

It felt just as heavy as it looks

The Happy Royal Couple

"How do you feel?"

Now I Know What Royalty Feels Like


6 responses

    • @ Uncle Bob, haha good idea. I forgot to ask how much the whole costume was worth. It’s obviously a replica, but since they only let one person try it on per class session it’s probably pretty valuable.

      @Joan, yea, I would never want to wear that thing in the summer. The dress probably weighs ten pounds along with the crown, which is another ten pounds. They said it’s almost unbearable to try on in the summer months here.

  1. Jenny
    You are just amazing! Lucky you could stand up after all those
    dressings. Did you feel stuffed like a turkey?
    That was something to see. Just imagine that putting that on at GHB.
    I cant imagine that at all. Hard work to be a queen, lots of preparing.

  2. HI jen,
    I am so jealous. You look like you are really settled in and doing as much as possible. I’m so happy for you. I hear you signed up for another year. Good for you. Keep in touch.

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