Oh, Korea….

On Saturday morning I experienced my first Korean parade.  I woke up at around 10 A.M. to the sounds of the 90s hit “Upside-down, Bouncing on the Ceiling” by A-Teens blasting from the street right under my apartment window.  I looked outside to see a big sound system being set up and noticed cops stopping traffic in the street. You know when you see police that something important must be going on because otherwise you never see them. Minutes later there was a full-on parade coming down my street.  I live on the edge of Seoul.  Literally, if you go any farther west you are in the rice paddies.  So to see a big parade in a fairly quiet area where nothing eventful ever happens was pretty shocking.  I ran downstairs and opened my apartment door to a sea of bubbles and confetti flying around the street.  I still have no clue what the parade was for, but it seemed to be some sort of memorial parade.  There were many military officers and adults and children dressed in traditional Korean garb. I watched for a while and snapped some pictures.  I know it wasn’t a national holiday or anything.  Just another random day in Korea.

Walking Out of my Apartment

Some of the Koreans posing for a picture. "Say Kimchi" 🙂

Marching Band


2 responses

  1. They were probably celebrating the cherry tree blossoms. must be
    fun to be able to watch from your apartment window.
    it would really be fun if your mother could be woken up to the parade.
    hahaha. have fun together.

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