As if Valentine’s Day Weren’t Enough…..

If you’re anything like me there is one holiday out of the year that you purposely go out of your way to avoid and that is Valentine’s Day. Many Americans have deemed it the “Hallmark” holiday since they believe it originated as a scam from the greeting card companies.  Well if you thought Valentine’s day was over the top then I wouldn’t recommend coming to Korea.  Today, March 14th is White Day.  White Day is the couples’ holiday where the boy gives the girl candy or other present.  On Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th) the girl gives the boy presents here.  Come to find out there is a couples’ holiday on the 14th of every month.  Great.  Here’s the lineup:

January 14th: Diary day- give your significant other a planner/diary to start planning your year together.

February 14th: V-day- girl gives gift to guy

March 14th: White day- boy gives gift to girl

May 14th: Yellow Rose Day-couples wear yellow and give each other roses

June 14th: Kiss day- pretty obvious

July 14th: Silver day- give gifts made of silver

August 14th: Green day- couples wear green and walk in the woods…

September 14th: Photo and Song day- couples take photos of each other (which doesn’t seem any different from a normal day in Korea and they go to norebang (Korean karaoke)

October 14th: Wine day- drink wine

November 14th: Movie day- couples watch movies and drink orange juice….

December 14th: Hug day- give free hugs

I would easily say from experience that Christmas day is the biggest couples holiday though.

Oh and you can’t forget April 14th.  This is my favorite one. Black Day.  It’s the one holiday of the year for single people and they get to celebrate by eating Chinese black noodles. Yum.  Also on May 14th I can eat yellow curry and on August 14th I can drink soju.  The benefits of being single. So basically if I want to advertise I am single during these days I should actively be eating or drinking these foods out in public. Welcome to Seoul: the land of soulmates.  At least I got a few lollipops from my elementary boys today.  Now if only some boys my own age would send some candy over my way….Or come to think of it all these days make having a relationship way too stressful.  I’m better off.


3 responses

  1. Hi Jenny
    That is so funny your Aunt Diane is right. I’ll take December “free hug
    days” and use it every month. Thats the only way to go. Less expensive.
    Stay happy, I enjoy opening your emails. Thank you.

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