What Day Is It? What Time Is It? Where Am I Again?

What day is it? what time is it? where am I again? These are the three most commonly unanswered questions my friends and I have asked ourselves during our trip.  The greatest thing is that the answers don’t matter because after all we are in Thailand! I’ve been on Koh Chang Island for about four days now (I think).  Oh how I love living life as a beach bum.  I wake up and go to the beach.  The hardest decisions I have to make are what bathing suit to wear and whether I should read a book, listen to my iPod, or go for a swim.  Life can be so difficult at times.  Yesterday I got my first massage ever! (which is another must-do in Thailand). I got a Thai massage right on the beach for probably the equivalent of $25 USD for one hour.  It took me a bit to fully relax and enjoy it, but I finally did and will probably do one more the last day of the trip.  I can now count the days left on my fingers and don’t really want to think about it. Right now I am enjoying the feel of the soft sand between my toes and relaxing for a swim in the warm blue water.  I am taking tons of pictures and will be posting soon!


7 responses

  1. Can’t wait to see the pics, Jen. Sarah would be so-o-o jealous of your massage on the beach. And, don’t worry about the clock!!!! By the way, it is snowing here – again.

    Aunt Diane

  2. Way to go, I can hardly wait for August to put my feet in the sand
    at good old GHBeach and see you and your family and all the rest
    of the good people there. A massage, I guess is wonderful, been thinking of getting one myself these days. My great granddaughter and her husband
    get one once a week, every week. They love it. Both work hard.
    My excuse is for the body. Have fun. The school bell will soon be ringing
    for you once more. And then the work begins….
    Your friend, Joan

  3. Hey Jenny!
    I couldn’t help but smile when I read about you swimming in WARM water!! Quite different than our August swims :)!! Your vacation sounds heavenly and it’s well deserved! Glad you are treating yourself to what may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience…THAILAND!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. love you! -Marianne

  4. oh, one more thing…I woke up to about 15″ of snow today!!! And it’s still snowing lightly! Reading your comments helped me to take a mental escape from the snow and cold. Thanks!

  5. hello and I am happy you are warm and sunny …enjoy !! Here It snowed about 4 inches, 23 degrees and cold! There is nothing like a beach, warm water and a relaxing massage to take away the stress and aches in your bones …..
    thanks for the visual image …. Ohhhhh sounds wonderful !!!

  6. I don’t know Jennifer, but it seems like you would be enjoying a typical New England winter much more. Massages are one thing but how is the sledding in Thailand? Come home soon.

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