One Last Night in Changmai

For some reason whenever I am doing a lot of traveling the next day I have the notion that staying up all night the night before is always the best idea.  I’ve done this before in Spain, before going to Korea, and on many other trips. This was also the case duing my last night in Chang-Mai.  I figured that since it would take all day to get to the island of Koh-Chang via plane/bus/ferry the next day that I would have ample time to sleep and therefore should stay up all night and enjoy the nightlife.  What I always forget is that I can never sleep on transportation.  But I figured I am twenty-four, only live once, and really needed to see the night life in Chang-Mai.  So my South African friend Nombuso and I decided to make a journey looking for some good nightlife spots.  First I would like to address the issue of “lady-boys” in Thailand.  I think everyone should be prepared for this little factoid before traveling to Thailand.  The majority of the native population in Thailand is transvestite.  Many CWG (the acronym my friends and I deemed to describe “Creepy White Guys”) from American, Europe, and Australia travel here to get their transvestite fix.  Therefore, it becomes very difficult for normal girls like us to find normal bars.  After an hour of walking around we finally found “Reggaetown” which was a cute collection of reggae bars with live music and heterosexual young people.  Yay! (note: I have nothing against the trannies.  They are actually extremely helpful and hilarious.  And since you are not the target when traveling, a young girl like me is fairly safe.  But it was a breath of fresh air to see some fun-loving young travelers). So we ended up dancing to this live reggae ska band and having a wonderful time.  I had an hour of sleep and traveling on a plane and a bumpy bus for four hours is not the best cure for a slight hangover, but I was glad that I made the best of my short time in Chang-Mai.  We all agreed that Chang-Mai was our favorite destination in Thailand.  The shopping is the best because there is the most variety and prices are cheaper than Bangkok or the islands, food is great, and there are lots of touristy things to do.  Chang-Mai is definitely a must-see if you are in Thailand!


2 responses

  1. Hi Jenny

    Not sure I would want to go where you went. Too old for me to really
    keep up, but you keep traveling and I will enjoy the trip with you also.
    Hoping that we will meet up at GHB this summer. Back here in the
    good old USA. I could never keep up on these trips. But you are having
    a good experience and I am enjoying hearing every thing about it.
    Take care and stay happy, Joan

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