Next Stop: Chiang-Mai

Chiang Mai Airport

After two nights in Bangkok we woke up early to board a domestic flight to Chiang-Mai.  Chiang-Mai is an area in the north of Thailand, close to the border of Laos, and it took only an hour flight to get there from Bangkok.  Chiang-Mai is a more rural and moutainous region of Thailand with a more authentic feel.  This time we were staying at a Guest House, which is a little upgrade from a hostel because there was two to a room and one girl had her own room.

"All-In-One" Guest House

The feel of Chiang-Mai was also laid back but more authenticly Thai.  We were so exhausted from a lack of sleep and a lot of traveling that we decided to have a day with some down time. We took our time and left our hostel around noon for some lunch.  We went to a classy looking spot right outside our hostel and was greeted by a Thai lady who spoke English with a perfect accent.  It turned out that she’s from Seattle, Washington and opened the restaurant six months ago.  The restaurant is gorgeous and she also runs a Thai cooking course where you spend the whole day going to markets and then you choose Thai dishes that you want to make and she teaches you how to cook.  It sounded amazing. We ate the most delicious food at this restaurant.  All of the food here comes out slow and one by one because it is all made from scratch.  We ordered a lot of food, appetizers, and drinks but the final bill equaled about 30 USD.  Two girls even ordered an entire bass.  Everything was great and we loved talking to the owner.

We spent the rest of the day walking around and seeing the indoor markets where everything is sold at wholesale price.  It was also Valentine’s Day so we watched all of the Thai boys buying flowers at the markets for their loved ones.  It made me a little sad to be alone on V-Day but not for too long since I was in Thailand after all.  We took it easy for the rest of the night, ate some curry for dinner, and took a nighttime stroll.  Tomorrow would be a big day so we made sure to get our rest.


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