Korean Style Outback

Vice Principal (left), my co-teacher, and me

On Thursday evening my Vice Principal treated me to a nice dinner at Outback Steakhouse.  The Outback here is definitely better quality, but also much more expensive than back home.  The food is similar, but the menu is bigger.  They serve the same exact bread as back home and even give you a doggie bag with 2 extra loaves of bread to go.  And of course you can’t go anywhere in Korea without a side of kimchi! So we ordered some steaks and had a delicious American style meal.  My Vice Principal is so generous.  She is one of the sweetest people at my school.  There are many teachers leaving my school this week, including my principal, but I am glad she will be staying until she retires 🙂

Kimchi at Outback


2 responses

  1. We have an Outback restaurant in Burlington. It is good. Always crowded
    They only open at 4 pm. Does that do the same thing.
    I cant imagine eating chicken wings with chop sticks.
    I never mastered the chop sticks, guess I was always too hungry to learn.
    Keep Smiling, Joan

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