Dance Class in Seoul

Updated blog post 5/16/2016:

This is for anybody out there who is looking to take dance classes in Seoul.  When I first got here I had a hard time finding any information about dance classes online.  So I am hoping that anyone who reads this finds it helpful.  The studio I have been dancing at for the past 5 months (PAS dance studio in Hongdae) has now moved to a much bigger location in Sinchon.  I took my first classes there yesterday and the place is amazing! It is three studios on the 13th floor of a building.  The space is huge and the ceilings are so high.  There are many more options for classes now and there are over 20 instructors.  They have advanced classes in ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, hiphop, and jazz funk.  I recently took a Martha Graham modern technique class that was great. (Wish I could understand what the teacher was saying though). The atmosphere of the advanced classes is similar to Broadway Dance Center in NYC.  They also offer many fitness dance classes like yoga and basic jazz classes for beginners.  All of the instructors have incredible backgrounds in dance.  The studio is called Seoul Tanz Station and it is located at Sinchon (green line next to Hongik University) exit 4.  Walk straight for about 5 minutes and you will see a big building on your left with a movie theater.  Go in that building and use the elevator to get to the 13th floor.  I am really impressed with the studio and I would recommend it for any dancers in Seoul!

You can visit their website:

Phone number: 02-392-2011


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  1. THANK YOU!!!! This is extremely helpful. I think I’m going to korea this summer but I don’t speak that much Korean, so thanks for posting this.

  2. Awesome! I’ve been thinking about taking some classes. Although it would be the first dance I’ve ever taken… I hope they do have some stuff for beginners. How much are the classes?

  3. Thanks for the info!! It was very helpful! I’ve been trying to find out where to go. I moved to Seoul about 5 months ago. Do any of the teachers speak English?

    • I believe there is one new ballet teacher that speaks English. I also started teaching a Zumba class there on Sundays from 12:30-1:30, so that’s in English 🙂 Other than that I am usually the only foreigner. Honestly though you really don’t need to know English to take these classes, the only downfall is in ballet because you miss out on all of the corrections. Since all the ballet terms are in French you can easily follow.

  4. Hello, i am interested in Clubs for Sport Dance (Latin Competition Style) in Seoul.
    I checked the class schedule of Seoul Tanz Station but unfortunately they have classes only on Saturday and Sunday. The only day of the week that i have opportunity to practise is friday…… so if you can recommend me another Sport Dance Clubs i will be very thankful.

  5. Thanks JennyLee! This was super helpful. I want to start taking the hip-hop class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Should I call ahead or just show up before the first class? Thanks again for your help!

      • Hi! I am currently not teaching there, but not to worry! I don’t speak any Korean and I was able to take classes and even teach there. The only thing that stinks is that if you’re a really serious dancer you won’t be able to understand the corrections in ballet and modern technique classes. But besides that you really don’t need to speak Korea to be able to follow the instructors movements and follow the routines. You might actually pick up some Korean. Also, there are a few people at the desk that speak English so if you need help signing up they can help you. You should try it!

  6. Thanks Jenny, this is very good news for me since I’ve been searching good dance studio in Seoul for a while. Any good contemporary, lyrical jazz class to recommend? I’m not professional but I should be able to handle technique classes, do you think those 3 dots class would be too difficult? Thanks again.

    • Honestly there is not a bad class at this studio. I would try the ones with the three dots. If it’s too difficult you can always try another class. It’s not the type of environment where you are going to feel judged though. Just go in open minded, willing too learn, and don’t feel pressured by the other dancers or pressure to be “the best.” Kiki’s contemporary classes are really good as well as some of the male teachers.

  7. Thanks so much for posting this info. I’d love to check out a few modern classes Seoul Tanz. What shoes or footwear do they require? Also, are they cool with walk ins or do they prefer that you sign up or enroll?


    • Hi! As far as shoes for modern classes you can be barefoot, wear socks, or ballet slippers. They aren’t that strict with footwear. Even in ballet classes people wear socks. You can just walk-in. If you have any other questions let me know!

  8. Thanks so much for the info! are there age requirements, and if so, what are they? i’d love if u could get back to me 🙂 thanks again!

  9. Hi! I’m keen on the hip-hop basic classes but was wondering if the intake for each “semester” is kind of fixed? Or can we just join in anytime?

    Thank you!

  10. Hi Jenny, I am going to Seoul and want to take jazz funk class there next Mon., would you please let me have the English address of the studio? I just not familiar with the location…thanks very much! Hope I could pick up the routine with three dots~~~

  11. Hi! Actually PAS Dance studio in Hongdae moved to Seoultanzstation studio in Sinchon. Use Sinchon subway stop (line 2) (its the station next to Hongdae) exit 4. Walk straight for about 5 minutes. You will see a huge cinema on your left. Walk past the main entrance of the cinema and you will see a door with a sign for Seoultanzstation. Use the elevator to get to the studio. Visit their website: for more information. Hope you have fun! The Jazz Funk class is great!

  12. Hi Jennylee, thanks for the information. I am having a hard time navigating through the webpage for I don’t speak/read korean and I was hoping that you could provide some basic information for me.
    1. I’m looking for an adult beginning ballet class, does that mean that the difficulty is represented by their dots? So beginners = 1 dot?
    2. Is it 20,000 w for 1 drop-in class?

    Thank you.

    • Hi! I hope I can help you. Yes, the difficulty is represented by the dots so beginners is 1 dot. Most beginner classes are held in studio C. The ballet class on Mondays and Tuesdays in studio B from 6-730 would be good if you can make that time. It also looks like there’s a new basic ballet class in studio C from 8:30-10 p.m. Classes are 20,000 won per class, but you can also buy a punch card for multiple classes and that reduces the cost per class. Hope you like the classes!

  13. Hi, glad i found your blog!
    Im interested in going for dance classes in seoul. Based on the above comments, i understand that the dots are representative of the level of difficulty. May i know how difficult is a 2 and a 3 dots class? Say if Im a dancer for 4 years but not one who actively visits dance classes, then is a 3 dots class too difficult?
    Because im only coming to seoul for a week holiday, we have no time to try out classes only to realise its too difficult or too easy. Is there any video reference for seoul tanz station classes? Thanks! =D

  14. hi thanks for your post.. Really helpful.. I was wondering if they offered ballroom dancing but i guess i could visit the site that u posted.. =)

    thanks again ~jina

  15. Just so everyone knows I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL.
    I’m a cast member from the musical Wicked and me and my colleagues have been trying to get to as many classes as we can.
    Kikis classes on Monday and Wednesday are fantastic but unfortunately she is leaving in two weeks to lecture at university but there are so many other great teachers with world class choreography.
    Such a great atmosphere!!
    I love Seoul Tanz! I don’t want t have to leave Korea because the classes are so great! And also people of all abilities are in the classes so it’s great seeing people dancing for the love of it!
    Thank you SO SO much for posting this blog because otherwise we would have been at a loss!
    Now I’m doing 8 classes there a week! : P

  16. Hi my daughters 14 and she danced for 10 years then quit for three and she wants to dance again can she take contemporary and lyrical classes even if she’s just a teen? or is it only for adults?

  17. Thank you soo much for posting. I teach at Broadway Dance Center in NY and i fell in love with KPOP and wanted to go to Korea to teach some classes. Please if you have any more info on the Dance Studios in Korea can you please write me. I would really appreciate it. Someone also mentioned Winners. Do you have any info on that studio?

  18. Hi, thank you so much for this post, it was really helpful! I’m moving to korea for a year, after the summer! I dance here quite frequently, about 3 times a week. Now, I was wondering about the Free pass-coupon, since I want to dance really frequently. It says it’s 3,500,000. For how long would this last? Since I would be in Korea for 1 year, I wonder which coupon would be more worth to buy. 3,500,000 is a bit expensive for a student… do you think I should go for the 30 day- coupon, and then buy it several times?
    Thank you for the help 🙂

    • Hi,

      I’m sorry, but I don’t know how long the free pass is good for. If I were you I would try out a month coupon first and then decide which classes you like. Then calculate how many times a week you plan on going. If you think it will save you money by getting the free pass then go for it. If you’re going 3x per week I would just get the 12 or 20 coupon each month. You can always send them an email for more info. Someone will be able to answer you in English 🙂

  19. Hello,

    Im stationed in Korea. Do they have Saturday Courses? I couldn’t tell from the website. Not to familiar with reading Korean.
    Im about an hour away from Yungsan AB.

  20. What level do you think i am at? I have been dancing ballet on and off but consistantly for the past 3 years. I am a competitive dancer in canada. I go to dance 5 classes per week. Next year, my teacher told us that we are aiming for pointe…am I able to take it in Korea while I visit for 2 months? Also, which ballet should I be taking?

  21. This is so helpful! I am going to Seoul on a dance contract for a year and am currently living in NY. Did they have some classes that were in English at all? Also how much were the classes?

    • Things may have changed, but when I was there, there were no classes in English. Sometimes they do have guest teachers from all over the world though. Classes were around 20,000 won = $20.00, but that may have also changed since. Glad you found it helpful!

  22. Hello thank you for this post , i was wondering is there any dance classes in seoul in korea you may know meant for girls only ??? because i’ve been researching but i didn’t find any !!!! thank you have a good time

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