English Dance Camp

Going from teaching dance 3-5 times a week for almost 7 years to not teaching it at all has been one of the biggest changes for me here.  I am thankful that my schedule is not as busy as it was back home but I do miss it.  So when my school asked me to do an English dance camp for their winter session I could barely contain my excitement.


It’s been almost a week of the camp and so far it’s been going really well.  I teach three classes a day that are 50 minutes each.  In each class I teach the students some English key words and expressions and incorporate them into creative movement games and dance routines.  They really like hearing the American popular music.  I have both girls and boys in my classes and I give them a lot of credit because they participate in all the dance movements pretty enthusiastically.  Some have been kind of hesitant but I haven’t had anyone refuse to do any of the activities so I am definitely happy with the way it’s going.  I am seeing a whole new side of some of the kids.  Each class is small but mixed.  I have students in 2nd grade who barely know any English and students in 5th and 6th grade who are really advanced.  One of my 3rd graders who barely spoke a word in English class during the year is now one of my top participants.  It’s really nice to see some of the kids opening up.  I hope by the end of next week they leave my class with smiles on their faces and more confidence in themselves.



5 responses

  1. Jenny!
    You are doing so much for these kids…more than you’ll ever know!

    You are planting many seeds and they will be changed forever because of YOU! How fun that you are working in your PASSIONS at such a young age.


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