On Wednesday night a few of my friends and I decided to check out the Korean live show “Nanta” that everyone has been raving about.  Nanta is a Korean show that has been performed internationally since 1997.  It has even been performed on Broadway.  Picture a combination of “Stomp!”, your favorite cooking show, and your favorite laugh out loud sitcom all rolled into one.  My friends and I got the last four tickets available at the box office that night, which happened to be front row seats.  We were up close and personal to all the action.  The show features 5 main actors: 3 chefs, a head chef, and the head chef’s nephew.  The performers create musical instruments out of household materials and kitchen utensils to make percussion sounds.  The best part is that most of the show is nonverbal but it is hilarious.  The actors cook real food on the stage as they do live tricks with knives.  People from the audience were even picked on to be a part of the show.  By the end of the show the stage is covered in shreds of lettuce, onions, carrots, cucumbers, feathers, and anything else that was destroyed during the performance.  We had a really good time and it was well worth it.  So when you come to Korea, Nanta is a must-see! If you don’t plan on coming to Korea anytime soon you should find out if it’s playing anywhere in the US 🙂



3 responses

  1. so glad you are having a GREAT TIME ! sounds like this is a another to add to my list to see someday with you ….. Celebrate the New Year with many Blessings and be thankful for the experiences that you have shared with new friends in a new country Happy wishes to you in 2011,
    love MOM

  2. Sounds pretty exciting to watch, Have a Happy New Year 2011
    See you sooner than you can imagine. when does school get out over there?
    Take care. Joan

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