Secret Santa Fun

Have I mentioned that I have met some amazing people here? One thing that has kept me sane since I’ve been here is my girlfriends. I have about 10 close girlfriends here and we all agree that it is fate that we have met.  We are all so different but we have made an effort to see each other once or twice a week and I don’t think I could have made it this far without them.  Three of them I met in the airport at San Francisco (one of which I sat next to on the plane) and we have been inseparable ever since! Last night we decided to do a Secret Santa “yankee gift/white elephant” gift swap.  We went to our staple hang-out, a hookah bar called “Rainbow Room” in Gagnam.  We caught up on the latest gossip, reminisced about last year’s Christmas, and even got a little emotional talking about how lucky we were to be together.  The gift swap was fun and everyone lucked out with a great present.  I got a beautiful scarf, some tea, and one of the animal hats I’ve been wanting! I definitely appreciate how lucky I am to fall into such a great group of friends. I’m looking forward to a full weekend including a Christmas pot luck dinner, a sleepover, a movie date, and who knows what else with the girls.


2 responses

  1. Those animal hats are quite adorable, especially on you. I wonder how your dad would look in them – just thinking about a Christmas present idea for him!!!! Enjoy Christmas with your friends. Hope to be able to skype you on Christmas Eve.

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