First Snowfall In Seoul

Over the past few nights I have seen a few snowflakes here and there, but tonight was the first night I saw real snow clinging onto the streets and cars.  Today was an eventful day.  After the Jimjilbang experience I met with some friends for lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant, (So exciting! I have been craving Mexican food since I have been here) and took a belly dancing class.  The highlight of my day was going to church for the first Sunday of Advent mass.  After some searching and looking into a few options, I found a Catholic church that is not too far from me that holds masses in English at 7:30 P.M. every Sunday.  The mass is held at Sogang University’s Saint Ignatius Chapel in Sinchon.  It is located off Sinchon station (line 2).  Go out at exit 6 and make your first left onto the main road.  Then walk up a hill for about 5 minutes and turn onto the Sogang University campus on your left.  Walk through the main gates and the chapel is located at the top of the hill.  The mass was very nice and since it was on a college campus I was surrounded by people in their twenties.  At the end of the mass the lector commented that there were a lot of new faces so he asked us to raise our hands if we were new.  Looking around I hesitantly raised my hand and realized I was the only one with my hand up. So much for a lot of newcomers…. So I had to stand up and introduce myself to everyone.  I was a little embarrassed, but it was nice because a few people introduce themselves to me at the end so I felt more at home.  On my way out of the church I ended up walking out with the priest, a tall black man from Kenya, and he ended up walking with me to the subway.  It was really nice to talk to him.  He had such an interesting history and was super down to earth.  He admitted to me how awkward it is for him to say the masses in English because he is not a native speaker and has a pretty thick accent and how tired he was because it was late at night.  It was funny to hear this perspective from a priest.  It made me feel happy to finally find a church where there is familiarity and comfort. The mass focused on the decisions we make and how they shape us and the prayer offerings centered on the events between North and South Korea. With the political tactics going on between North and South Korea it was nice to be able to reflect on everything and say a prayer for the people who are suffering from the damage done as well as for the people struggling in North Korea. After three months I am finally starting to create a life for myself in Seoul that centers around everything that is important to me and I am so thankful to have this opportunity.


4 responses

  1. Jenny,
    I know in my heart you are where your journey has begun in life, to experience
    this adventure …. and travel to a new place and country away from home …
    I am so proud of you but I can’t help but miss you ….. Skype does help and keep us in touch and makes me happy just to see you smile when you tell me your experiences ……. sharing with me and telling your story away from home….
    Love MOM

  2. Wow! Jenny you sure are a brave one. Jimjilbang was interesting, not sure
    I would have gone along with it, but then I am not in this generation of things. Hard to change your habits.

    I did like the the story about the first snow fall. It is getting colder day by day back here, but I always love the first one. Living on the fifth floor and
    looking at the tops of trees, is a pretty side. Take care and stay happy.
    Can you image we are going into December already. Time just flies on by.

  3. Jen, your stories are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your new and fulfilling life with whoever wants to read about it. I feel so humbled when I hear about what you are experiencing in Korea. We miss you back in CT but I know you are in a great ministry right now. Keep enjoying it!
    Love, Sue

  4. Hello!
    First of all, I would like to say thank you for sharing such great writing! I’d love to go to the church you’e mentioned above and looking forward to join some services or community. Thank you for the info, again! 🙂

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