Giving Thanks in a New Place with New Friends

This year Thanksgiving strayed a a bit from the norm, but I did my best to keep the tradition alive miles and miles away from home.  I missed having the short work week and it wasn’t the greatest thing to have work on Thanksgiving Day.  So I decided to bring Thanksgiving to school.  I went to a few bakeries near my house and snatched up a few treats that were somewhat reminiscent of Thanksgiving.  I bought a “sweet potato cake” and a walnut pie for the faculty and some pumpkin bread, apple pies, and sweet potato pies for my co-teacher, principal, and vice principal.  It was nice to share some traditional flavors of the harvest day with my co-workers. After all, working at my school and having such caring colleagues is the main thing I am thankful for this year. When eating lunch and watching the faculty enjoy my treats I was pleasantly surprised by the DHL delivery man with a package from home! My mom sent me some Christmas decorations and some wrapped presents 🙂 It was so exciting to open a package from thousands of miles away! It definitely lifted my spirits since I wasn’t going to be home for the holidays.

As the day went by I couldn’t wait for 5:00 to roll around because I had made reservations with my friends for an authentic Thanksgiving meal in Itaewon. I was a little nervous since I was the one who made the reservations and got everyone together.  Many popular places I had tried to make reservations at were booked and the place I chose, Gecko’s Terrace, wasn’t highly advertised, but supposedly puts on a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas buffet every year.  I met 6 of my girlfriends after school at around 6 and we were ready to indulge in some non-Korean cuisine.  Gecko’s Terrace ended up to be a perfect choice.  The atmosphere was really nice and cozy and the food was amazing.  Before eating we went around and said what we were thankful for and it got a little emotional.  We are all from many parts of America and come from many different backgrounds, but we have made such a strong bond in a short amount of time.  We were all thankful for having the opportunity to teach and travel and make such wonderful friends. We ate all the traditional foods and more! There was  turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and even stuffing along with chicken, steak, vegetables, salmon, shrimp, salads, and bread.  Since it was buffet style we didn’t hesitate to go for seconds and thirds. 😉 And don’t forget dessert! No pumpkin pie, but they had the best apple pie, cheesecake, fruit, and more. Overall I was really happy that everything worked out and we left more than full.

The dessert table


Feelings of homesickness came over me throughout the day.  Without my family, the aromas of food cooking in the kitchen, Thanksgiving decorations, and televised football games, I wished that I could click my heels and go home for just a few hours. I am thankful that God has given me so many great opportunities in my life and I know that I am in Korea for a reason.  I am thankful to have such a supportive family at home and such great friends near and far.


3 responses

  1. WE are Thankful, for your experience teaching in S Korea, and have nice friends and co -workers watching over you,
    The holiday was a smaller gathering this year, and I happy Last year you spent the day with me,
    Wishing you happiness and sending Huggs,

  2. We had a nice thanksgiving also. So happy to hear that you put such
    a nice day together at school, and the night out with all your friends,
    your a super host. You sure have what it takes to be successful.
    Take care, glad you are feeling more healthy. The plates look so
    delicious. Keep the nice letters flowing, I just enjoy them so much.

  3. Jen, what a nice update. It sounds like your Thanksgiving celebration was fun; how nice of you to take the initiative to do this. It was so good to see and speak to you on Thanksgiving evening. I am sure you made your father’s day too. I look forward to your next update. Stay well and happy.


    Aunt Diane

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