Almost Korean

I have officially hit my 3 month marker of living here in Seoul.  This is the longest I have lived away from my childhood home of 290 Dexter Avenue in my entire life.  Psychologically speaking this is also the time where I should be coming out of my “honeymoon” phase and start feeling a little homesick.  My lowest point here was being sick this month, but other than that I have recovered my health and November has been an all around good month.  With Thanksgiving coming around the corner, I have been thinking a lot about what it would be like to go home now.  Yes, it will be a little tough not spending Thanksgiving with my loved ones this year, but I haven’t used a fork or a knife in 3 months so eating that pumpkin pie with chopsticks might be a little difficult anyways.  In all honesty, if I came home now I would be bowing to you all and eating my chicken wings and potato chips with chopsticks.  I have been getting accustomed to the culture here much more quickly than imagined and I think at this point it would be a little difficult to come home and be a normal American.  I have become so used to being in public and not understanding what anyone says that when I do hear English people ordering at a restaurant it actually sounds weird to me. My principal observes my use of chopsticks very closely at lunch everyday and after a few glances the other day he noted, “Jennifer, you are almost Korean!” So I may be turning almost Korean, but I still know I am a Miguk at heart and I will miss that turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie next Thursday 😦


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  1. Jenn – you are an amazing young women… and on such a great adventure in your life….I am so proud of you (it’s my mother instinct). It is so normal for you to feel a little homesick, especially at the holidays. You had the chance of a lifetime, you went for it, and from all your postings, I see that you have adjusted so well! We will all be thinking about you…..Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Jen, Happy Thanksgiving. We will miss you Thursday at our dinner table and will be thinking of you. If I have some chopsticks, I’ll put them out in your honor!!

    Love, Aunt Diane

  3. It is hard to believe that you have been there 3 months already.

    Do they celebrate thanksgiving You will be a new you next summer.
    Eating all those veggies and rice. It is always so nice to hear from you. Stay healthy and have a nice day you will be in my thoughts also.
    I have to write your mom and see when she is going to visit you. She did some beautiful gords during the fall. Even her little stand by the street
    was set up so adorable. She is such a wonderful artist. Talk to you later
    Take care and happy thanksgiving. Get some much needed rest.

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