Getting Back Out There and Enjoying Seoul

The weather has been getting pretty cold.  The mornings start off in the 30s but luckily the past few days have climbed to the mid 60s.  One of my first nights out since being sick turned out to be a beautiful November evening.  Seoul is preparing for the big G20 summit next week so things are going to be getting a bit crazy soon and fall is the time for many festivals all over Seoul.  Last night I went to my first Lantern Festival.  The Lantern Festivals happen in the fall and spring in Seoul.  They are absolutely gorgeous.  This festival includes hundreds of lanterns strung all over the Cheonggyecheon Stream, which is north of the Hangang River.  The festival goes on for around 2 weeks and includes many lighting ceremonies, music concerts, and you can even make your own lantern and send it down the stream.  The lanterns are huge and elaborate and unlike anything you have ever seen before.  I can’t possibly describe them so you’ll have to look at pictures, but they definitely don’t do them justice.

Cheonggyecheon Stream


2 responses

  1. Beautiful, amazing that they are out of paper love the tiger , fish just beautiful
    Thanks for sharing ….. glad you are better and out with your friends enjoying the festival
    Love you MOM

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