So Much To Do and So Little Time

A busy week of teaching seems to end with an even busier weekend.  Fall is starting to look like the best season to be in Seoul.  Each weekend is filled with so many opportunities to enjoy all that Seoul has to offer.  In the month of October there are music, dance, and film festivals every weekend along with many cultural opportunities especially targeted for foreigners.  On Saturday night I went to the War Memorial of Korea in Yong-San to see the Seoul Soul Music Festival.  I went with three other girls.  We saw two K-pop groups, Se7en and Taeyang and one of the greatest R & B singers, Musiq Soul Child.  Se7en and Taeyang are two young male pop artists who are basically like the Justin Timberlakes of Korea.  Luckily, a lot of their songs have English lyrics. They were really entertaining and I enjoyed watching the dancers as well.  Musiq Soulchild was amazing.  I was surprised to see how many true Korean fans there were! The concert wasn’t sold out but there was a decent sized audience.


Seoul Sisters



I typically reserve my Sunday nights for relaxing and resting up for the week ahead, but this Sunday I had to make an exception for Silent Disco.  Silent Disco is a free event in Seoul where everyone gets a set of headphones and there is a dj who plays dance music, but you can only hear the music if you are wearing the headphones.  So a bunch of my friends and I decided to head one of the biggest downtown areas of Seoul, Hongdae, and participate in the Silent Disco parade.  It was the greatest thing ever.  Try to picture about a hundred people (mostly foreigners) wearing headphones with balloons attached, parading through the streets while singing and dancing to what appears to be absolute silence.  The looks on Koreans faces were absolutely priceless.  As we were dancing through the streets the dj had a microphone and he would tell us to do things like scream, give high fives, or say random things to the people on the street.  Many people laughed at us and enjoyed the scene while others looked to be absolutely terrified. Definitely worth a few good laughs and an interesting way to spend a Sunday night!


3 responses

  1. Jen,
    Uncle Bob and I so look forward to your updates. It seems like you adjusted so quickly, made a lot of friends already, and are having a good time. I am actually jealous. I hope this continues for you for the next year. Thank you for sharing your life in S. Korea with us – love it!!


    Aunt Diane

  2. Hi Jenny! I am loving every single one of your posts. I feel like I am right there in Seoul with you! I am SO proud of you for taking this big adventure at this point in your life. It seems like you are absorbing as much of the culture as you possibly can in one short year! Save some of the fun for June! Continue to stay well….Love, Sue Salzillo

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