Welcome to My One Room in Seoul!

Time  is flying by but there are some things about my journey that make it seem like I have been here for years.  Although I have been here for a little less than 2 months, I have made some great friends.  The majority of us live in very different parts of Seoul, but we still find ways to meet every week.  This week really proved to me what amazing friends I have here.


My apartment with my bed folded up


As you know I live in a very small apartment, what Koreans refer to as a one room.  I also live extremely far from most people.  I am the last possible subway stop on the southwestern corner of Seoul.  I would never expect anyone to come visit me here, but I really wanted to show off my apartment and have a “room-warming.” The greatest discovery I have made here thus far is that my bed folds into my wall! It’s called a “murphy.” Basically my bed and closets are all one unit and I can fold the bed up right into a compartment. I decided to buy an authentic Korean style table off the street and some mats and I was ready to host my first party.  So I invited about 10 of my girlfriends to make the journey to my place.  To my surprise, they all came! I bought some pizza, snacks, rice cakes, grapes, soda, and beer and with some fun tunes, we were ready to start the party. 10 girls, some yummy food, good music, and some great conversation brightened up my humble room and made my night.


3 responses

  1. Hi Jenny

    The table is beautiful. Be sure you bring it home with you.

    It is wonderful how you have such made such nice friends there.
    It looks like they really do like your company also. Some good
    clean enjoyable fun and good old pizza for food mixed in with all
    the rice meals. What a contrast of food on the table. Have fun,
    and I hear your Mom will be with you soon. How wonderful is that
    for you to share it with her. Take care as always, friend for GHB Joan

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