Bonding Time

Me and Principal Im

Co-teaching Lucimei and Me

After a week back to school after Chuseok, Friday has finally arrived.  Afterschool I had the honor of attending a dinner hosted for all new teachers and teachers who are leaving.  The entire faculty came together and enjoyed a big meal of barbecued meats, rice, noodles, crab, tofu, kimchi, and many other side dishes.  Everything was delicious as usual.  At this dinner I learned many things about my colleagues.  After a month of saying nothing more than hello to most of the faculty, I learned that many of them spoke much better English than I had ever imagined! I guess all along they were just too shy to say anything to me! So I ended up having a very nice talk to one teacher about a book she had read and I talked to several others about various topics.  It was really rewarding to finally see them warming up to me.  The more I praised them on their English, the more confident they became and I was pleasantly to see how well they could communicate.  I also had a fun chat with my principal (1/3 English, 1/3 Spanish, and 1/3 Korean) which is always a great time.  He is a very funny and personable guy.  All in all I had a great bonding session with my co-workers and I think we will be a lot closer after seeing each other outside of the workplace.

Principal and Vice Principal

My Co-teacher


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