When it Rains it Pours

Ahh! My first day of Chuseok break.  It was nice to sleep in and relax this morning.  What wasn’t so nice was the weather.  It started raining at around 10 this morning and never stopped.   Nevertheless, I ventured out to celebrate my friend’s birthday.  I took the subway to meet her and another girl and we went to the Outback Steakhouse.  Sounds classy right? Well, it actually is.  It was my first time in an American restaurant here. (I’ve tried to avoid them since I am in Korea after all).  But what I didn’t know what that the Americanized restaurants really strive to make a good impression here.  My experience at the Korean Outback does not compare to the US.  Obviously there was kimchi, that’s a given, but there was also a much better menu and ridiculously better service.  The servers waited on us like we were royalty and made sure that we were having the best dining experience possible. (And we don’t even have to tip here!) It was very interesting to compare the service of the food industry to back home.  Maybe we need to start paying our servers a little more and leaving it less up to the customers to decide how much they should be bringing home at the end of the day.  Just a thought….

We proceeded to go shopping.  My first shopping experience was a success.  I ended up with hiking boots, heels, leggings, dance pants, and a cute dress.  I made out pretty well and was able to check off a lot of items on my shopping list.  The malls here are absolutely beautiful.  There are about five floors and stores are immaculate.  The fashion here is unbelievable and I can’t wait to start wearing all the clothes that Korea has to offer. I am also fairly lucky because my shoe size (7-8 US) just makes the cut here so I am able to buy shoes.  I learned a lot today about Korean sizes and the whole shopping experience in general.  The best deal was a cute pair of heels for 5,000 won ($5.00).  I’m just hoping they’re not going to fall apart on me.

Shopping in the Subway

Happy Birthday Meghan!

As we lingered around shopping for a few hours, the rain still continued.  On our way to the subway, there were many sections of the station blocked off.  As we soon found out, this was due to some severe flooding.  We found this out the hard way.  There was a small section of the subway where we literally had to roll up our pants, take our shoes off and wade through the water, which was way past our ankles.  In NYC I would never have done this.  Because it’s Korea, typical rules do not apply.  Everything is fairly clean. Even though I felt absolutely disgusting, I got up the courage to follow suit and walk barefoot through the river that used to be a subway ramp.  We safely made it across the river and proceeded to get on the subway and I arrived home relatively dry. I know you don’t believe this, but not to worry, pictures are to come! All I can hope is that everything will dry up for tomorrow, as I have plans to go hiking!


Only in Korea.....


2 responses

  1. Hi Jenny

    So exciting to hear from you, because all your writing is so interesting.

    It has been a pleasure every time i open your emails. Really enjoying
    your adventure. Stay happy and healthy. Raining days in the subway
    could be something to look forward to. haha Talk to you later.

  2. I smile so much reading about your adventures, all the while wishing I was there with you!!! You are one lucky GIRL 🙂 Thanks too for posting pics. It really adds to the experience for your READERS!!! love you! Marianne

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