I have been here for one month!

Working all day, visiting friends everyday, and sightseeing on the weekends has left me with very little downtime.  I have not had a chance to sit down and realize how much time has truly passed since I arrived here.  Today it has been exactly one month since I packed my life away, said goodbye to everyone I have ever known, hopped on a bus, took the longest flight of my life, and arrived all the way across the world.  Did I really do that? As crazy as it all sounds, it’s hard to be homesick when there is so much to keep me busy here, but I know it is inevitable.  I’m still in the first stage of culture shock.  Everything is new and exciting and there are frustrations at times, but I am happy to finally be where I set out to be.  It still has not completely hit me that I am here, or for that matter, that I am going to be here for one year.  I have these fleeting moments where my stomach starts fluttering with excitement and I say to myself, “Wow, I’m in Seoul.” This may sound weird, but I had this very vivid dream that it was time for me to go back home already and I thought it was my last night in Seoul.  I woke up panicked because I did not feel ready to go home yet and there was still so much that I had left to do! It really had me confused for a while.  I think that because I have never traveled anywhere for more than a few weeks, it doesn’t seem possible that I will be living here for an entire year.  So far I’ve been trying to do so much during my free time because subconsciously I feel that my time is limited.  I need to take a step back, relax, and realize that I have a whole year to explore everything, meet people, and absorb the culture.  It’s hard to believe it’s already been a month!


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  1. Hi Jenny

    Your letters are so interesting. Time has a way of flying by doesn’t it.

    sounds like you are really enjoying your adventure. You seem to have fit in just so well and are meeting so many wonderful people. It is a long ways
    from the good old USA, but you are managing all your time so well.

    Your mom sent me some photos of her gourds she has been working on.
    She is so talented in so many ways. Such a nice person your mom.
    So good hearted and loving. You will soon be back before you know it.

    The children sound so cute. A good age to teach. How is the apartment
    coming along? Have you had time to get it all organized? It is very cute.
    Talk to you later. Take care and stay happy.
    Love Joan, Janet, Sariah and Matthew from the beach.

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