Korean Lesson # 587: Sincheon is not Sinchon

Me and Ann Park

Have I mentioned that Korvia is the best recruiting agency ever? Well they are.  Last night I finally had the opportunity to meet the person that went through so much work to get me here.  Korvia threw all of their recruitees a welcoming party at a Korean Pub complete with snacks and free drinks.  I was looking forward to this party all week and couldn’t wait for the night to come.  I mapped out my route and hopped on the subway.  About an hour later I arrived at Sincheon and called my Irish friend, Fergal, who I was meeting there.  I told him I was at exit 3 where we had planned to meet.  He told me he was at exit 3 but I could not find him.  After going back and forth for a while and starting to believe we were in a parallel universe, I realized that I was in Sincheon not Sinchon.  The two are very distinct places. I was at the wrong subway station and I was 40 minutes away from where I was supposed to be.  Who would have thought that one letter really made that much of a difference?

40 minutes later I arrived fashionably late and ready to start drinking.  I met Ann Park, my recruiter, who I had been dealing with over the past 6 months. She was so excited to meet me.  It was great to finally put a face to the patient woman that had to bend of backward to get some of us here.  She introduced me to more of her teachers and gave me some extra free drink coupons.  All in all it ended up being a good night despite the setback early on.  After reading these blogs you all must think I am the biggest idiot in the world and I apologize. But in all fairness, I later learned that it’s basically a rite of passage into Korea to make the mistake that I did.  I’m just glad I did it early on so that I will never mess it up again.  From now on I will be sure to double check the spellings of my destination. Only in Korea.


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  1. We don’t think you’re an idiot. I wouldn’t think 2 cities could have such similar spellings either. It takes courage to even write about your mistakes on this blog . I feel for you while I’m reading about your mishaps, but just think of all the humorous memories you are going to have of your adventures in this country.

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