My First Typhoon

I had my first typhoon delay today.  I didn’t get much sleep last night due to the extremely heavy rain and strong winds.  Come to find out I experienced my first typhoon.  It was so loud last night that I thought that my whole building would blow over.  Obviously that could never happen.  The bark was definitely bigger than its bite.  I woke up to find fairly small amounts of damage.  The winds were still very strong this morning and I saw a few trees down on the sidewalks near where I live.  As I logged onto facebook, I discovered most of my friends had school delays.  I called my school and they said that the students would come in around 10, but the teachers should still come in regularly.  So right now I am at school and my only two morning classes of the day are cancelled so I have 8 hours to plan a lesson for Friday, which I basically just did.  I guess I will start planning for all of my “afterschool” classes next week. Basically I have 16 morning classes that I co-teach and 6 afternoon classes that I teach by myself.  I might as well get a head start.


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