The First Lesson

Waking up this morning, I was not sure what this day would bring.  Today was my first day meeting the students, which is typically more nerve-wracking for the teacher than the students.  After stepping off the bus and waiting to cross the street, a flock of elementary students bowed to me while saying hello.  It was nice to see that some of the students had already recognized me from my videocast yesterday.  The warm welcomes from all of the students made me have a good feeling about how the day was going to go.

I now know exactly what it feels like to be a special teacher rather than a homeroom teacher.  I taught two of the four classes I was supposed to teach today because two were cancelled due to testing and assemblies.  The two that I taught (5th and 6th grade) went very well.  I made a powerpoint presentation about myself with tons of pictures of myself, my family, students, etc. and I brought in brochures and artifacts from Connecticut.  They really enjoyed looking through the brochures and seeing the pictures of my students from the US. When it came to question and answer time they were quick to ask how old I was and if I had a boyfriend or not.  They were also amazed to see that I had blue eyes.  The class sizes are small and the students are quiet, although it is only the first day.  For the next week I will continue to introduce myself to my classes.  I have two sections of each grade (3-6) and I will be teaching 6 afterschool classes, which I teach by myself.  The school has also offered to pay me more if I teach some dance classes afterschool as well.  The schedule is very nice and i have a lot of planning time.  I am done teaching for today already so I have the rest of the day to “take a rest.” I’m sure after this week the teaching will feel more intense but right now it is very laid back and I have a lot of down time.  We have a big ceremony for a teacher who is retiring today so I will be going out to lunch with everyone again.  After school my goal is to my a camera card reader so I can finally upload some pictures!


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