First Day of School….sort of

Today was my official first day at Konghang Elementary School, however, I am not teaching just yet.  The schools here are similar to the schools in the US because their first few days seem to be half days, and today the students spent their entire day with their homeroom teacher.  I am considered a speciality teacher so I will begin teaching tomorrow.

At 9:00 A.M. this morning I was introduced to the students on a broadcasted television.  Every morning instead of having an assembly there is a television in each classroom that broadcasts a message from the principal and all students sing the Korean Anthem together. It is very nice.  I was a little nervous to introduce myself not being able to see the students, but I think I did okay and hopefully they understood something I said.  For the rest of the morning I went through my contract with my co-teacher and filled out some more paperwork.  At lunchtime all of the teachers went out to a very nice restaurant and we all ate a huge lunch.  At the restaurant you sit on the floor and you eat vegetables, tofu, beef, noodles, and rice from a big boiling pot in the center of the table.  Everyone serves each other.  It is so nice to experience such a communal culture. I sat across from the principal and vice principal.  Many of the teachers are eager to speak English with me.

After a filling lunch, we went back to the school and I helped to clean the classroom.  In about 20 minutes there will be a teacher’s meeting and I am supposed to show the staff a powerpoint about me that I created.  So far the day has been very slow and I am excited to begin teaching tomorrow.


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