View From The Top

When you are walking the streets of Seoul, it is impossible to grasp the enormity of the city.  In order to truly understand how vast this city is, you need to go to the top of the N Seoul Tower.  In comparison to cities around the world, this tower at about 500 m is not very high, but the view is unlike any other.  Seoul is a city where Korea has found a way to take up every inch of available space by building high rises, roads, subways, and anything else in the most conservative and economic way.  It is overcrowded and overpopulated.  What makes it different from any other city is that it is divided by a beautiful body of water and it is speckled with huge mountains and forests. Viewing the entire city from a bird’s eye view was really spectacular.  The traffic and congestion that seems overwhelming while in the midst of it all actually looked stunning as the sun was setting. The lights from the cars and buildings glowed to show-off the richness of the city while the mountains sat majestically highlighting the natural beauty of the city.  I am still in awe that I am living in such a great city and that I will be here for the next year.  It was really nice to finally get an panoramic view of the city in its entirety.  I plan on going back when there are less clouds and the weather isn’t as rainy.  It has been raining for the past few days, which has been a nice break from the humidity that we all suffered the first week.  Looking forward to the fall weather!


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