Meeting The Teachers

I arrived at Konghang Elementary School at around 10 A.M. and was warmly welcomed by the principal, faculty, and staff.  Everyone was very excited to meet me.  My principal met with me first to ask me a few questions so that he could introduce me to everyone in Korean.  Then I was brought in front of all the teachers and he introduced them to me and then I introduced myself in English.  Most of the teachers speak English but only a few are confident enough to do so.  Unfortunately, Koreans are extremely shy.  They all possess the skills to speak English but they do not have the confidence to practice the skills they have learned all of their lives.  While speaking English they are constantly apologizing to me about their lack of speaking ability even when they are doing just fine.  The meeting proceeded and it was exactly the same as teacher meetings back home except here I do not understand a word they are saying.  So as they began joking around and talking faster, one of the teachers led me out of the meeting and onto a tour of the school.

Everyone is so friendly and helpful.  The school offered to buy me more things for my apartment that I needed like a printer and a hair straightener and random stuff. One of the teachers even walked me to my bus stop just because she wanted to! Although I feel somewhat out of place when walking on the street and riding the subway, nothing can compare back home to the hospitality and generosity I am getting from my school.  It is so refreshing!


One response

  1. I am so glad the first faculty meeting is over, I knew in my heart it would go well you have your poise from ballet and your people skills from( me), when I see you teaching or organizing the talent show, all your people pleasing skills some time I see a mirror image of a younger me, in you …. no you will never be your Mother, you are an independent woman living her dream away from home.

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