First Korean Subway Experience

My first experience riding on the Korean subway wasn’t exactly a disaster, but I have to admit that I experienced some confusion.  Everything started off great.  I studied my map and knew exactly which lines to take.  I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the subways and how everything was posted in English (which I don’t really understand because in the hour and a half I rode on the subway I did not see one English speaker).  All of the lines are extremely easy to understand, except for one.  All lines are linear except for the green line which goes in a circle.  What I thought would be my next stop actually backtracked me to my last stop because apparently that’s where the circle starts over.  So I became very confused very quickly.  Luckily I asked a Korean through some hand gestures and pointing (all of which I have become very talented with) and he pointed me in the right direction.  I felt relieved to finally get on the right line, but I was definitely a bit disoriented.  Unfortunately I am on the last stop in the western part of Seoul so I have to travel far on the subway to see my friends from orientation.  I safely made it to have dinner with my friends and now I am back home and ready for bed.  I anticipate everyday will be an adventure until I get my bearings.  Now I just have to worry about making it to school tomorrow to meet my principal!


One response

  1. Hello, Well I am enjoying your blogs, and I am always glad to read the beginning of your adventure and then see the end when you make it back home,
    Your day in the market and park sound wonderful and exciting, oh the places you will go and discover with your eyes open and your dreams of traveling and the experiences opening up before you!!! Enjoy the adventure and go slowly with caution.
    with love and huggs and happiness with everything you do.

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