On to Seoul

After about a week of meeting and bonding with world travelers, adventure seekers, and people who are here to experience life to its fullest, it is now time to move on and create my own life in Seoul.  I am placed in Gangseo-gu district, which is South of the Han and the most western part of Seoul.  I really have no information about this area yet so I’m anxious to see what I’m in for.  For the past week I have been so comfortable at the university while surrounded by lots of English speakers that it really hasn’t hit me that I am in another culture.  I am anticipating that once I am on my own, culture shock will kick in and there will be many challenges to overcome.  Here in Korea, things are very last minute and there is a very laid back attitude, however, they are also very hard-working.  In order to survive here and be happy for the next year I just need to go with the flow and take the ride through the Korean way of life.  I can’t wait to get settled into my apartment and dive right into my work here, but I am sad to leave the amazing people I have met this week.  I can only hope that we will all reunite at some point this year. After all, we are only a subway ride away from one another! I may not have internet for the next week, at least until I get my Alien Registration Card, but I will update you all as soon as I can!


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