It’s a Small World After All…

After three days of intense lectures and Korean language learning, I was finally able to leave campus for the day and go on a trip to a Korean Folk Village.  It was a nice break from campus life and it gave an extremely interesting snapshot of traditional Korean culture. One of the most interesting parts of this whole experience is the people that you meet along the way.  As I was relaxing and finding some shade from the intolerable heat I was able to chat with some fellow teachers.  As we went around introducing ourselves, we all said where we were from and I was caught by surprise when someone announced they were from Connecticut.  The conversation went something like this:

Guy: I’m from Connecticut.

Me: I’m from Connecticut!!!!

Guy: Where are you from?

Me: Meriden

Guy: No way, I’m from Meriden!

In a nutshell, I met a guy the same age as me, from my hometown, 8,000 miles away who is doing the same thing I am doing.  Such a small world!

To get back on track, at the Korean traditional village I took a tour of traditional houses that are brought to this location and rebuilt as authentically as possible.  I was able to see some traditional music and dance, which was incredible.  As I tried to tap into my creativity in hopes that I inherited something of an artistic ability from my mom, I carved pictures into a traditional clay pot.  I also saw some Korean equestrian stunts and a traditional Korean wedding where the bride never shows her face.  It was a long day in the stifling humidity, but we all pushed through it and enjoyed the entertainment and scenery.

Unfortunately my computer is not allowing me to upload pictures from my camera, but as soon as I figure it out I will post some pictures!


3 responses

  1. Hi Jen,
    I am so enjoying reading about your adventures in Korea. I feel like I am there with you. Imagine meeting a guy from Meriden…..what a small world!
    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Jen,
    I was just thinking about you this morning and I open my school e-mail and there is your blog. It sounds like a dream. Who is the guy from Meriden, did he live on the other side of town? How weird. I miss you already.
    Take care and have fun,

  3. I love when stuff like that happens. I think it’s God 🙂 (smiling) on you!!! Glad you’re going for it! Brendan is home this week, so we’ll have to SKYPE if I can get him out of bed before 9AM!! Be well! love, Marianne

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