Arrival in Seoul

After a 2 hour bus ride to NY, a 5 hour flight to San Francisco, a 12 hour flight to Inceon, and another hour bus ride or so to Seoul, I have a officially made it safely to Seoul.  It feels great to finally be here and surrounded by hundreds of people who are doing the same thing as me.  I will be staying at Kyung Hee University for the next ten days in a dorm room.  I have a roommate and it feels exactly like college all over again.

After a 13 hour plane ride I was absolutely exhausted but was happy to see many fellow teachers on the flight and we made our way through the airport.  The best news of the day was that all of my luggage arrived in one piece.  After collecting my luggage and exchanging my money I went to the desk for all incoming teachers and met my recruiter that I had been in contact with over the past few months.  He gave me a free cell phone and my free gift (a pen!) The good news is that all of my incoming calls are free (even international!) I proceeded to the university and was showered with more warm welcomings and gifts from all of the university staff.  The dorm is clean and I am sharing it with one roommate.  So far the cultural things that are going to be hard to get used to are:

1.) Not wearing shoes in the dorm room (they are extremely clean)

2.) Taking a shower in the middle of the bathroom without a shower curtain

3.) Not being able to flush toilet paper

4.) Everything is in Hangul!!  (a lot is in English too but communication is going to be a challenge)

5.) Adjusting to a 13 hour time difference (It’s already Wednesday!)

6.) Putting your dorm key in a slot to keep the electricity on and all of the lights go on and off automatically!

At this point I am just looking forward to starting the day and meeting new people.  Today I have a medical check-up and some lectures. The last day of the orientation I will find out what school I am placed in and  where I will be living.   The temperature is the same as CT, very humid.  – 안녕히가세요 (annyeonghi gaseyo) -Goodbye!


7 responses

  1. hey girl – SOO glad that your trip went smoothly …. been thinking of you! Definitely sounds like you have some adjustments from what you mentioned!! Love you!!! Lots of hugs and kisses from all of us!

  2. Jenny — I’m very glad to know that you arrived safely, and so excited for you in your new venture! Thanks for taking us all along with you by posting a blog … looking forward to your updates!

  3. WOO HOO! You are thriving in your surroundings! It’s great to read that the travel went well and about the environment that you have to adjust to. Please post your cell phone number soon!!! love you! Marianne

  4. All day today at work I was checking Google to see the current time in Seoul. I still can’t believe you are half-way into Wednesday already!!

  5. Hey, I’m glad you landed safely and it sounds like everything’s going well even though there are adjustments. Love staying up to date with this blog-keep writing!

  6. Hi Jen, I know exactly how you felt after those long flights. I had a 2 1/2 hour plus 14 1/2 hour flight to China and then it was a 12 hour time difference. We had to bring our own toilet paper and we couldn’t flush it either. Most of the time the toilet was a porcelain hole. Check out the babies and see if they wear pants with a slit in the front and back and no diaper. Some parents in China let them pee or squat in public wherever they wanted and that included statues.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I’ll be following your adventures.

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